Monday, June 27, 2011

A different concept of how we might live in the future

Tommy Honey (design correspondent for Radio New Zealand) discusses the potential for rethinking houses and suburbs in re-building Christchurch.

Self sustaining neighbourhoods an option?

David Haywood, Radio NZ science reporter and resident in Christchurch suburb of Avonside (which is in the red zone) proposes a possible 3rd , stay on the land without services and be self reliant. (This discussion comes about half way through the interview).

Is it possible that the city could move?

The Anglican Bishop of Christchurch, Victoria Matthews

“We are being realistic and saying where will the center of the city be in the future? We want to be central, we want it to continue to be the heart and soul of the city and so we need to go where the heart of the city is”. (Click on this for the interview).